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Innovation: Focusing on the current stage of the Internet economy, the sharing economy, and the integration of car networking, autonomous driving, and new energy, QUADROBOT™ combines multiple innovative ideas, integrates industry resources, and is developing new models and manufacturing models that meet market needs, while unifying its activities in order to lead the Internet of Things’ economic development direction. QUADROBOT™ has undergone a positive and forward re-invention of the automotive industry from its structure and manufacturing methods, and its resulting industrial value will be inestimable.


QUADROPOD™: The patented drive module QUADROPOD™ integrates the power system, steering system, control system, chassis sub-frame, and will form an independent product model, provide power and structural solutions for its own various models. QUADROPOD™ will be sold independently, become a terminal product of new engine supply chain.


MoleQlar™: With its LEGO-style assembly methods, QUADROBOT™ products can be flexibly matched with modules according to the needs of different market requirements. A wide variety of functional products can utilize the same production line. The highly integrated flat chassis formed by QUADROPOD™ can be completely separated from the vehicle body. enabling multiple powered chassis to be used with different body structures/forms for both logistic and passenger use


Flexemble™: The modularized assembly greatly simplifies the production difficulty and increases the productivity of the QUADROBOT™ model, eliminates a large number of traditional automobile manufacturing methods such as robotic welding and structural parts stamping.   The QUADROBOT™ co-patented structural scheme "the TRUSS™", riveted the core components become one platform, and a large number of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy molding materials can be used to increase the structural strength while reducing the total weight and cost.

Since the beginning of research and development, the entire vehicle is fully controlled by electric and the drive is driven by wire and steer by wire. Every QUADROBOT™ product is hardware ready to turn to an autonomous at any time (plug and play).

QUADROBOT™ innovative modular manufacturing model shares a large number of modular components and production lines that greatly simplifies production methods, thereby eliminating a lot of production line construction, commitments, costs, and delays.



Qool™: the low-temperature low-emission plant called Qool™. Thanks to its manufacturing convenience, the assemble line cost is extremely low (about 10% of conventional automotive manufacturing lines), the factory can be set up in any area, maximize the use of global supply chain, further reduce costs
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