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VISION: The essence of social operation and development is to improve the efficiency and interactive flow of people, goods, capital, and services. The transformation of the main energy that sustains social operations ultimately determines the direction and progress of civilization. Through QUADROBOT™'s re-inventing of electric vehicles, its products become an important infrastructure for the smart city of the future, the carrier of human, material, information and capital flows, not just the traditional means of transportation.  

   "QUADROBOT™'s product planning, project vision, and the origin of the brand understands the true meaning of automobiles and the needs for it from the roots. Product planning and project envision are established in the era of User-car interaction driven by the I.T.’s development. With “Mobile Infrastructure” as the brand’s core concept, QUADROBOT™ tends to create and lead a revolutionary automotive infrastructure, which is different from the known development path, under an interactive environment."


    "Perfectly ties consumer’s feelings and needs together, melts the needs of I.O.T, mobility, and interaction into one pot, while upholding consumer’s loyalty to the brand and its completeness. QUADROBOT™ aimed at satisfying human being’s original desire of getting connected, through its unique brand concept. Letting users being able to depend on the QUADROBOT™ products and vehicles to experience a better life, and through the “Third  Space” concept, to satisfy the unaware practical needs."


   "The branding position and planning, as what the vision presented, is not born to overtake or copy any existing automotive brands. Rooted in the basic meaning of automobiles, satisfying people’s core needs for automobiles. Diverse from the current “EV” and “Intelligent Vehicle” projects, QUADROBOT™ is not a re-assemble of resource in the auto industry. Different from any conventional car classifications, QUADROBOT™ classified itself as a brand new product class, just like the smartphones appeared in the first decade of the 21st century. It’ll bring customers’ expectation for what a transportation can be, to a level that had never been reached before. As an originated automotive brand born in the post Electronic Era, we are oriented to lead the trend from unique technologies, and build cars that are more than cars."



                                                                                                                                           - Mike Tianye Wang, CEO

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