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Model U1

    “Beginning with an immediate solution to the package delivery challenges to ensure the continued satisfaction, indeed joy, of consumers everywhere who anxiously await the delivery of their goods. We are doing this by tackling the bottleneck in the delivery of packages, THE LAST MILE."

     "QUADROBOT™ is not born to overtake or copy or displace any existing automotive brands. QUADROBOT™ is rooted in the basic dictates of satisfying people’s core needs for the receipt of their goods. Although we are electric, we are not governed by any fads for “Electric or Connected Vehicles” nor “Intelligent or Autonomous Vehicles,” per se. Rather, we gather our inspiration from Henry Ford's Model T and Steve Jobs iPhone, both of which solved multiple profound challenges beyond expectations and ultimately transformed people's lives for the better“.                                                                               

                                                                                                                                                       - Jim Cook, CFO



Model U1

QUADROBOT™ redesigned the delivery truck model U1 and its manufacture, with a singular obsession which is to enable our users to deliver goods comfortably, quickly, and economically. Making every decision from the strategy to the design to the manufacturer with no preconceived notions.

  • Maximizes package space/ vehicle volume

  • More than triple personal productivity

  • Max. MTBF(the USA made) Min. MTTR(Modular)

  • Designed for minimum system cost over the life

  • Innovation: complex coordination by design

  • Fulfillment vehicle for the connection economy


QUADROBOT™ wants the owner, the consumer, the employees, and the people who see our U1 solutions to enjoy an aesthetic as well as the economic appreciation of our solution.

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  Model U1 features


  • Connected Vehicle: Connected to internet and monitored as a mobile terminal

  • 3:1 Cargo to Machine Ratio: Maximized cargo space, Minimized mechanical complexity

  • Agile: Narrow body + 4wheel steering, permitted to work in non-motor-vehicle-zone

  • Long working range: High battery capacity and high energy efficiency, Covers 3X working range than current products

  • Modular cargo space: Cargo space can be divided to multi-space to fit certain package size

  • Interchangeable battery: Battery changed on demand in seconds



     QUADROBOT™ U1 have broken with tradition. The passive body of our delivery truck is separate from the propulsion/suspension chassis, so owners can brand the body as well as customize for their particular application.

Model U1 can be assembled at the place and time of being put into service. This is huge; no big factories needed. Also, repairs are mostly by reversing a part of the assembly. And we've chosen to source parts in the USA, and Michigan especially, due to the reliability and availability of parts and support services, not to mention supportive governments.

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