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Jalopinik's report on Quadrobot at the Detroit Auto Show

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Reference from Jalopnik, author Jason Torchinsky

In almost every major auto show, there’s at least one forgotten corner where they cram all the stuff that’s just a little too weird for the main show. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to find the weird corner at this year’s Detroit auto show, and while there wasn’t that much there, there were these two oddballs worth showing you: a fun, futuristic modular car and a giant drone you could, potentially, fly inside. Like you were from the future.

That strange silver pod-car thing that looks like a prop from a mid-2000s movie about a Mars colony dealing with alien STDs or something is from a Chinese company called Quadrobot, and they’re playing into a long tradition of dreaming about really modular cars.

This design has the drivetrain contained in that lower skateboard, much like the chassis of modern EVs like the Tesla Model 3 or Volkswagen’s new MEB platform, but unlike these cars, that skateboard is a completely independent unit, and different bodies can be easily mounted or removed for various uses.

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