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The Structure: Combines innovative ideas with the highest quality industrial resources to form the QUADROBOT™ Inc. which has made an advanced re-invention of the automotive industry from its design and manufacturing methods, resulting in an inestimable, dramatic rise in industrial value. At the same time, these advances will directly drive a revolution in the automobile manufacturing industry.


The QUADROBOT™ Asset Management Corp. established at the same time will administer sales and leasing operations of the QUADROBOT™ products in a coordinated manner, forming a coexistence relationship with QUADROBOT™ Inc. through the flow of information, materials, and capital.  The QUADROBOT™ Asset Management Corp, for starters, will directly participate in the cooperation of Post Service and other enterprises’ operations.  QUADROBOT™ will quickly form a series of value-added products/services. Thereby the resulting industry value and social value the QUADROBOT™ family of entities generates will actualize the extended value of QUADROBOT™ products.  In turn, these dynamics will have a profound impact on development and usage of the Internet of Things and the lives of people in Urban settings.

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